Sirma Medical Systems is glad to announce the latest addition to our Diabetes:M services – the Diabetes:M Monitor for clinicians. The new service is available to all premium subscribers and allows their medical team to monitor their condition in real time.

Patient-Doctor communication always takes a lot of time. Using modern technology, such as mobile apps and other software, can greatly expand your ability to effectively track and manage your condition. Still, there is still a gap between what you know about yourself and what you can communicate to your medical team. Compiling reports in Diabetes:M is a great way to do that, but there is still much more that can be done to facilitate the process.

That is why today we are happy to announce the latest addition to our services – the Diabetes:M Monitor. The new system allows you to connect directly to your own doctor, so he or she can follow your treatment in basically real-time.


In order for the system to work there are two main requirements.

First, your clinician needs to be registered in our system. This can be done with from the registration form on the login page. After registration, each clinician receives a personal code, which can be given to patients.

Second, in order to give your clinician access to your data, you just need to add his/her code in the “Clinician” screen. After this process is complete, your clinician can review your data online.

Please note that the Diabetes:M Monitor is part of our Premium plan. Only subscribed users have access to this feature.


While there are many coaching services about diabetes, nobody knows you and your history better than your own doctor or medical team. Diabetes:M Monitor is an extremely helpful tool that provides them with all the information they need, in order to make better-informed decisions about your treatment. The system includes every important piece of information about the patient, presented in an easy to read way.

Here’s a short overview of the main screens:

  • Home – this dashboard contains general information like glucose chart overview, latest notifications and data, as well as the automatically deducted patterns for the patient.
  • Diary – contains all the patient’s logbook entries for the last two weeks.
  • Statistics – statistical information about the patient.
  • Charts – as in the app itself, this screen contains all the summarized charts and graphs for the patient. Those include summary charts, glucose, insulin, meals, advanced graphs, as well as test and injections sites and other graphs. There is also an option to select a specific period to review for each of them.
  • Reports – clinicians now have the option to generate reports directly from Diabetes:M Monitor, with the same options as in the app.


We developed Diabetes:M Monitor in order to better facilitate doctor-patient communication. Instead of making numerous phone calls, send hundreds of emails etc., you now have the option to simply give access to your data to your own clinician. This use, however, is not limited to medical experts. You can share your data with your nutritionist for example, so he or she can follow your diet and progress.

If you have multiple profiles active or just want to monitor your child’s account, you can do that directly with the account’s username and password, without having to register as a clinician.


Currently, there are two restrictions to using Diabetes:M Monitor. The first is that only one clinician can have access to your data at any given time. The second is that at the moment only one of your three available profiles can be monitored by a clinician, so choose carefully when entering the clinician code and make sure you’re logged in the right profile.

In the near future, many new features and improvements will be added to the system, so stay tuned.


  1. First off please define profile-the logbook I keep is for one person /one profile. would you kindly explain what ‘ only one of three available profiles ‘ means. ..after that, the cost to the physician and to myself the patient is needed. Thank you. Seasons Greetings

    Sue Whittier

    • Hi Susan, every Premium user has an option to track 3 profiles – 1 main and 2 additional ones for family, friends or even a pet. As for the cost – this service is part of our subscription plan, so there are no additional fees. It may vary a bit due to different tax rates, but the base price is $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Clinician registration is free.

  2. “… only one clinician can have access to your data at any given time.”
    So, with a GP, endocrinologist, insulin pump pharmacist and nutritionist, only one can have access?
    If they are in the same bulding can they all access it from one account, say the GP’s?
    Or do you mean that they can all access it, just one at a time?

    • I also need to know the answer to this question. I have a clinician, Diabetes Nurse Specialist and Dietician that looks after me and to facilitate a team approach, I need all three to have access. Not necessarily at the same time, though.

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