MAY 15, 2017 – Sirma Medical Systems is glad to announce that a web portal for Diabetes:M users is now available. The new feature is called Diabetes:M Analytics and is available for both free and Premium accounts, with the same limitations and conditions as the Android and iOS apps.

Diabetes:M Analytics provides a much more comfortable way for users to review and monitor their data. The new web interface was designed to provide quick and easy access to every part of the information while maintaining the same visual style that app users have come to know and love.

A new addition to Diabetes:M Analytics is the “Daily Overview” calendar, which gives users a quick overview of important events in three different view modes – monthly, weekly and daily. This enables the user to review every event in the calendar, from the basic synthesized monthly data to the detailed hour-by-hour daily information.

Another important feature is the extended nutrition information for every food item in the database.

Registered users can sign in with their current username and password from the “LOGIN” link on our main website ( or use this direct link:

Users that haven’t registered yet, can do so either on their mobile device (recommended) or directly online via the register form in the analytics screen.

Currently, the new web version is labeled “beta” (final testing stage) and has many of the main functions of the mobile ones, with much more coming in the near future.


Free account users have the same limitations as when using the mobile app – some of the extended functions are locked, and ads are present in the interface.

To unlock the PREMIUM services, users currently have to subscribe through either the iOS or Android app. There is no option to subscribe online via the web interface at the moment.


Subscribers enjoy all the benefits coming with their plan – no distracting ads, the ability to monitor up to two additional profiles, extended lab results and food database, as well as automatic synchronization and PDF/XLS reports.



Diabetes:M was first published in Google Play in April 2013. It was developed by diabetics to meet the needs of people who want to manage all aspects of their condition. Users can track, analyze, review and export data in great detail. Today Diabetes:M is an established tool with over 315 000 installations and more than 50 000 active users. The application is well known to medical professionals, with many diabetes specialists recommending it to their patients.

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