Over the last few years, the Diabetes:M app has been widely embraced as a valued diabetes assistant by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. To better serve our users and their needs, in 2017 Sirma Medical Systems developed Diabetes:M Monitor – a comprehensive remote monitoring solution designed so healthcare professionals can keep track of all their diabetic patients in one simple but powerful interface.
Hundreds of professionals adopted Diabetes:M Monitor from nearly all countries globally, driving change in how diabetes is treated and monitored in the new reality of a raging pandemic and digital transformation of healthcare systems.

By thoroughly studying and carefully analyzing the feedback from both users and professionals, we have identified some recurring functionality requests and client insights for further system enhancement and development. Over the last few months, our development team worked hard to address those needs and offer new opportunities to our users.

How Diabetes:M Monitor is changing

Up until now, Diabetes:M Monitor was free for clinicians to use to track only Premium users of the Diabetes:M mobile app. This approach, however, severely limited the possible benefits for both users and the professionals who monitor their condition.

The new paid plans offer a number of changes to that model, opening new possibilities for a broader range of specialists that need to monitor people with diabetes like nutritionists, diabetes coaches, educators, and others. Paid plans include:

Listing in the mobile app

Get listed in the Diabetes:M mobile app, where users can find and contact a professional from several different specialties. Send invitations to users

Send monitoring invitations to both free and Premium users, immediately activating all Premium plan features when the user accepts (for free accounts).

Premium support (only available for PRO and ENTERPRISE plans)

Get a dedicated support specialist for all your Diabetes:M-related questions.

Additional Premium codes for users

Send users free one-month Premium codes to unlock and test all features of the Diabetes:M mobile app.

Customized features and API access

The Diabetes:M platform is designed to cover a number of different use-case scenarios. An ENTERPRISE plan is available for business partners and corporate clients, offering customized development and API data access.

Plan pricing

Pricing for the new paid plans starts at €29 for the BASIC plan, with a 20% discount for yearly subscriptions. For full information about the different pricing options, please look at our PLANS PAGE.

A free plan is still available

Our experience shows that many clinicians only need to monitor a limited number of patients with diabetes. For such cases, a FREE plan is still available. This option inherits the limitations of the current model, with clinicians only being able to monitor up to 5 Premium subscription Diabetes:M app users. Additional features such as in-app listing, sending invitations to free app users etc. are unavailable in the FREE plan.

Current plan transition

All current Diabetes:M Monitor accounts tracking up to 5 users will be automatically converted to the new FREE plan.

Clinicians currently tracking more than 5 users will keep the current terms of service with a custom LEGACY plan created specifically for this case.

All clinicians coming through one of our business partners should contact their provider for more information about the transition and special conditions they can offer.

Future development plans

The Diabetes:M Platform is a fast-growing product with constant updates for new features and improvements. Many new options, like secure doctor-patient communication, new therapy adherence tools, and other exciting developments are in the works.