Ahhhh, preparing for and going to our Endo appointment – So many of us find both the prep for and the appointment itself, to be stressful and anxiety-inducing.

We worry before the appointment about EVERYTHING and feel like we are being graded on our diabetes during the appointment.

With that being said, prepping for and keeping our scheduled Endo appointment is key in managing our diabetes!

For me, preparing for my appointment empowers me, makes me feel more in control and helps reduce my anxiety leading up to the appointment.

The following tips work for me when it comes to prepping for, and optimizing my Endo appointment – whether it’s a face-to-face appointment, or virtually connecting via telemedicine – which is quickly become the norm.

Lab Work First

Complete your labs 7 to 10 days before your appointment. Don’t put it off. Get it out the way early, so you’re not worrying that your labs won’t be done and submitted to your doctor’s office in time for your appointment.

Data Second

Make sure to upload your diabetes devices and share with your Endo’s office.

3 to 5 days before your appointment so your diabetes team has a chance to properly review your D data.

Did you know?

You can generate and send your doctor a fully detailed report directly from Diabetes:M, or give them access to monitor your data remotely.See how »

Bring A Note Book And A Pen

Bring a notebook containing any and all questions you have for your Dr. re: Blood sugars; insulin/medication adjustments, dietary, exercise, digital diabetes, etc.

IMPORTANT: When you ask your doctor a question(s) – and this would be where the pen comes in – make sure to write down your doctor’s answer/answers.

An Extra Set Of Eye & Ears

If possible, bring another person who you trust (and who won’t judge) with you to your appointment. A little support goes a long way – as does having an extra set of eyes and ears.

Useful features

You can log all your medication intake, along with photos and notes in the Diabetes:M Logbook, and share it with your doctor later.

You can also set quick and easy reminders, so you never forget a dose again.Learn more »

Bring Your Updated List of Medications

It’s important to always bring an updated list of medications/vitamins/supplements with you to your appointment – including dosing.

If you’re worried you’ll forget, I get it. Here are some tricks to make sure you won’t.

Email your updated list of medications/vitamins and supplements to your doctor’s office and CC yourself –  that way, the staff has and can add the updated list to your file, and you have access to the email via your smartphone – just in case they don’t.

The “Notes” section of your smartphone is a great place to keep a running list of your medications/doses. You can also copy, and paste the list from Notes and text yourself the list.

Take a picture of your medication list/and or medications with your phone’s camera.

Pick up a pen and write down your list of meds in that notebook that you’re going to bring to your doctor’s appointment.

Be Honest… About Everything

Share your family health history (all of it – even the stuff that scares you) with your doctor.

If you’re not feeling good or something’s not quite right – speak up and be honest!

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe in deep, exhale, and remind yourself that your Endo appointment is part of your diabetes game plan to stay healthy.

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